Released - Rock "N" Twang complete music collection by "The Swagger Kings" featuring 19 songs on Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube Art, Deezer, VerveLife, Shazam, Juke. KKBOX, Pandora, IHeart Radio, Napster, Juke, Boomplay, Saavn ... India, Australia, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America ....and worldwide! Russia, South Asia, Japan loves The Swagger Kings .... Links Below!








Swagger Kings are an energetic show band with powerful vocals, versatile top notch instrumentation, chart climbing song writing and just a ton of fun." The Roxy & Magnetized Productions    


Thanks very much to CBC 1, CBC 2, CBC Vancouver, CFBB, CHKK, CHPQ, CJRT, Jukebox Online, Couture Media, Neilsen BDS, Mediabase, Itunes Radio,  SiriusXM, Stingray & Affiliates, NY The Spirit, ARQC, Spotify, Goggle Play, New Canadian Music, PC Music, CKCL, CKGE, Global, and many many others! 

The Swagger Kings are a high energy dance and show band that spans 4 Retro styles of 1950's music. With over 30 well written original songs,their influences are vast and wide .... Classic Twang, Honky Tonk,Louie Prima, Big Joe Turner, Wynonie Harris,Bill Haley, early Elvis, Chuck Berry, Chris Isaak, The Mavericks, Dwight Yoakum, Billy Blues Bland, Patsy Cline, with the occasional hint of Southern Rock and Michael Adrian's big rock music background.

New Country / Twang single "Jack Hammered" released to Radio in UK, Europe, and Australia! 12 weeks in UK & European Charts TOP 10!

Voted one of the best new songs by over 50 top Country Station DJ's.

"The Swagger Kings" all started with the hit single "Tried & True" that charted # 2 in the UK, Europe, and Australia! Listen to samples of the the new CD on the site player and really hope you like it!  I uploaded different versions of several songs so you can choose our music ... your way!

Michael Adrian

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